Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Going Old School

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This weekend we rediscovered the joys of an old fashioned cooktop popcorn popper.

Our counter top microwave (aka the good one) died a few months ago. In the meantime we have been using the built in that came with the house (aka the bad one).

The good one did a great job with popcorn, the bad one ... well it earned its name. Usually the first bag would not pop it would just burn it instead. Then sometimes (I being an optimist at heart) it would pop the second bag. But there would always be a ton of old maids and there was a slight smokey cast to the flavor. Blech, burnt popcorn.

So, since we were having a hoard of small boys coming over we thought it would be a good idea to come up with a better way to do popcorn.

Then I remember the old popper my family used to use that my mother passed on to me. I bought popcorn kernels and flavored oil and even splurged on butter flavored seasoning. We fired it up Friday and it was a success!

Pretty much every kernel popped with the added bonus of the whole process being highly entertaining to watch.

popcorn popper
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The only negative was the tendency of the oil in the pan to spatter a bit through the mesh.

And here is what the old workhorse looks like sans popcorn.

The top has two metal tabs that fit through slots just above the handle. A sleeve with a ridge slides down the handle with the ridge locking the top in place. It is very elegant in its simplicity. I had fun shaking the pan back and forth watching the kernels explode. A far more satisfying experience than the microwave.

Sometimes going old school is the best way to go.

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