Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Artist of the Week: Firetruck

Laughing Girl
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This week's artist is little Miss Rebecca. Her daddy took this picture of her all wrapped up in a blanket, laughing on Grandma's couch.

If the picture looks familar, it should. Larry also took the almost exact same image of Max that was featured a few weeks ago in the Little Foxes edition of Artist of the Week. The biggest difference between the two (excepting that it's two different children) is the mood. Max is all cute, cuddly and contemplative while Rebecca is just plain joy out loud.

Anyway back to the whole point of this post, namely art. And in particular, a drawing of a firetruck.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
Normally I would expect one of Rebecca's brothers to draw something like a firetruck. It has a fair amount of realistic detailing. There are hoses, valves and storage doors all carefully drawn in. Even the front of the truck is slightly angled towards the viewer so that the front of the truck can be seen.

The one thing, however, that gives away the artist is the little birdie sitting up top. It's riding on the firetruck and it looks like it is having a good time up there. Only Rebecca would add such a thing to the picture. She has quite a sense of humor to go along with her talent for drawing.

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