Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Artist of the Week: Llamlicious Logo

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I've been a very busy girl, ready to create things at a drop of the hat.

This picture is of me when I was... oh about three, almost four. Right now it's my husband's current wallpaper on his computer and I thought it was some how appropriate for today.

I was always drawing things and in this picture I think I have one of those "magic slates." I remember how much fun it was ti draw and then lift the plastic sheet to start over with a nice clean slate. That is until I invariably ripped it or decorated it with color markers.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
Anyway I still doodle, I just do it a little differently now. I particularly enjoy doing quick and dirty photoshop mashups. I'll never be at the high end of Fark 'shops, but I can get the job done with my rather simplistic MS Picture It program. So you can imagine my reaction to last week's contest over at the Llamabutchers to redo their sidebar picture and logo.

After a few days of of careful thought (I seriously considered photographing new llamas in the interest of copyright, but it was raining and I had better things to do than driving to the zoo.), an hour of trolling the interwebs for a suitable LMC Llama and accouterments I was able to mash together something that pretty much match what Robbo asked for. The hardest part was the font. I couldn't quite match what was used before, but I think what I did get works fairly well. Amusingly enough the font is called Nipple.

I sent my entry in and waited.

Sunday afternoon I found out I was the grand winner! As I commeted of there "Woo Hoo! ... go me!"

I'm still not a llama, but I am a camelid.

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