Friday, January 09, 2009

Mommy's Little Carnivore

Max sitting
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I grew up on a dirt road near a beef farm, running around cows and fully aware of their ultimate fate. Heck I even knew what breed they were, Charolais, sweet tempered with creamy white coats (they were very tolerant of two kids and a dachshund herding them from one pasture to another).

So I am very comfortable with being an omnivore with strong carnivorous leanings.

As a parent I have strived to educate our children where our food comes from. We have gone to farms, gathered eggs and marveled at the herds of cattle. Food does not just magically appear in little plastic bags at the supermarket. Steak in our household is called yummy cow.

This morning we were watching a cute early reading show on PBS called Word World. In it a few characters were trying to rope a cow. Max after a bit declared that he hated the cow, it was ugly. When asked about it he declared that it should be ribs instead and that would be much better.

I just had to laugh. I reached over and said he was mommy's little carnivore. Jake was then deeply offended and said that he liked ribs even more than Max. So we then told him he was my big carnivore and that seemed to work.

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