Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Boys

the boys
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I love this picture of the red boys. It really captures their personalities.

John is sitting upright, looking straight at me. No lolling about the floor for him. He can be silly, but nowhere on the same scale as his brother. Currently Jake is taking John through a Canine Good Citizenship class. The ultimate goal is to have John certified as a therapy dog. This is Jake's Mitzvah project and it really will benefit all involved. Jake will, hopefully, gain greater self confidence, John will be better trained and residents at a local retirement home will get a bit of company and a dog to love.

John's calm demeanor is well suited to this task (yes he can be a crazy dog, but on the whole he is a very laid back dog- I call him the surfer dude).

Dell, always ready for a tummy rub, is a total goof. The biggest problem with Dell is that any time you bend over (except at mealtimes) he promptly rolls over onto his back. His tail is madly wagging the whole time, causing his body to wriggle about. He is a very HAPPY dog. I think he too would have fun visiting people, but he is a bit too manic right now. Many in 5 or ten years when he calms down a bit. Right now he is just a silly little love sponge.

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