Thursday, August 09, 2012

Parenting On The Fly

Today was spent in the car, driving around and waiting. Mostly for Rebecca, but also for Jake, Nate, and the pantry.

At one point I had just dropped off Jake and was driving Rebecca to her indoor soccer game, and being indoor is very important  here. As I was tooling along the highway it hit me, Rebecca had left her gear in the van from this mornings soccer camp at the field. She knew she had a game later and thought it made sense to leave it all in the car. I agreed after we fished out her water jug.

So yes Rebecca had her socks, shin-guards, and cleats on which would be fine and dandy for a rousing game of soccer. But...

She was to be playing indoors on artificial turf.

At a facility that had written in Four inch high letters on the doors "NO CLEATS."

Oops, we had forgotten her indoor soccer shoes and it was too late to go back and fetch them. The only other pairs of spare footwear in the car wee my Tevas and Max's rather battered sandals. To save the day we pulled into a shoe store that was conveniently on the way and got Rebecca a new pair of sneakers. She wasn't sure if this was a good idea until I told her that Nate wore his sneakers to his indoor lacrosse games. Molified she wore her new shoes and didn't look back.

Good thing I hadn't yet done the back to school shoe shopping.

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