Friday, August 03, 2012

Soccer Mom

Challenger Soccer by Teckelcar
Challenger Soccer, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
So last weekend I was a lax mom, this week I was a soccer mom.

Max and Jacob were enrolled in a soccer camp, British Challenger to be precise. Of course since they are the oldest and youngest boys in the family they were in separate sections, Max in the morning and Jake in the evening. It's a great program and the site is just 25 minutes away so it really wasn't a hardship. It just meant I was essentially a full time soccer mom this week.

This picture was from today, the last day of camp. The assignment given out on Thursady was to bring in a flag of the county your team is representing (the camp's theme is world cup and the camper are divided up with each tea being a country ).

Clearly Brazil won the biggest flag category, but Max and one of his teammates won for most creative.

Which brings us to the dogs in the photo. Independently two families in team Israel decided to decorate their dogs. Thus the two king Charles Spaniels and Dell are in the picture. The coaches were utterly amazed and could not get over what we had done to our dogs.

So yes, it has all gone to the dogs.

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