Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Artist of the Week: My Friend the Novelist

This week Meryl gets the nod as artist of the week.

She has always been a writer and this past year she bit the bullet and finished her first novel, Darkness Rising the first book of The Catmage Chronicles. This alone would garner AotW status, but she did far more than write a book, Meryl has also decided to self-publish and the amount of work involved is unreal.

Meryl commissioned a stunning cover from the award winning cover artist Julie Dillion. Contracted a cover designer and spent a fair amount of time hashing out the look of her book. The formatting, editing, proof reading, and... I could go on and on with all the steps needed to put out a quality book were managed by Meryl.

In short it is a monumental undertaking to publish your own book and have it look as good, if not better than, as the books put out by the major publishing houses. So give it a look, there are two places you can go to get a sneak a peek. On Facebook there is The Catemage Chronicles page and Meryl's brand spanking new writing blog This writing Life. Meryl is in the homestretch and will taking the final step soon to publish.

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