Tuesday, September 04, 2012

In Which I Am Irked


Dear County School Board,

Because of your last minute change of policy on Thursday in regards to medications specifically exempted last year, I have to go to the school to insure my son gets his much needed enzymes.

What really irks me is the required signed Dr.'s orders that I found out were needed on Friday at around 3. The Friday before a holiday weekend with the expectation of the clinic receiving them Tuesday morning.

Let me repeat that. I need to get signed paperwork from the CF clinic in Richmond, which has at best a two day turn around and shuts down at 4:00 pm, the next business day- sorry next business morning.

Oh yes and if I had asked for the form a week and a half ago in order to insure it would be done in a timely fashion I would have been told it was not necessary, enzymes are not a controlled substance. Fortunately I am available, I feel sorry for those who can't take time off.

I do not blame the school, the clinic, nor the people at the CF clinic, they are all lovely and very helpful.

Thank you so very much.

PS And thank you for maintaining the tradition of torpedoing the county wide school system website the week before school starts.  Why you have to overhaul it (and change urls) every year is a mystery to me. At least this time there is a temporary redirect site.

The very, very nice people at the CF clinic were able to send it off before noon. I seriously owe those people cookies.

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