Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I broke my camera Friday.

I had put it down on what I thought was a safe place whilst corralling dogs and children for the annual photo. As I but over to boost up John I brushed against the camera and snagged it by the strap. It teetered and then fell onto the deck.

It wasn't a particularly far fall, but... the lens was out.

Which is a very bad thing for a digital camera. They are notorious for the lens barrel jamming if knocked about in the extended position. If you are lucky you can jiggle it back into alignment and it should work. My camera's lens barrel, however, was well and truly stuck and thus rendered inoperable.

Therefore I need a new camera.

Luckily it was black Friday and I was able to find a sweet deal on a decent little Cannon point and shoot that fulfilled my odd requirements, namely a viewfinder in addition to the LCD screen and powered by AA batteries. It'll take a while to get here, but that is my penance for breaking the camera. Until I get it I will be limited to my smart phone. So for now my photography is hobbled.

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