Monday, February 26, 2007

Update on the Big Move

It's been three weeks now since the big move and everybody seems to be happy.

Jake took to his room like a duck to water. He has decided that the top bunk is his reading perch. He can leave books open up there and not worry about younger siblings coming in and losing his place.

The first week was a bit rough for Max. He was happy to be with Nate, but the he had a hard time dealing with all the changes. This resulted in a very grumpy little boy at bedtime. He would drag his feet and bitterly protest each and every part of his night time ritual. After he was finally tucked in we would keep trying to get up and play with the legos strewn about the floor.

Poor Nate, whose bedtime is a half hour later, would struggle to go to sleep while Max nattered about.

Rebecca, of course, was an absolute angel.

She loves having her own room. Sleeping alone in her room was not a problem. Her only issue is finding a place for her vast collection of stuffed animals. Only so much can fit on her bed at any one time.

Now that three weeks have passed Max has settled down. If I get the timing right he is often asleep when Nate gets tucked into bed.

What I like is that I longer have to tell Jake and Nate to stop talking and go to sleep. It still takes Jake forever to drop off, but he is no longer keeping Nate awake. I have lost having an official guest room, but now I have children that can actually fall asleep at a reasonable hour.

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