Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Artist of the Week: Dachshund Joy

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This week's artist is Rebecca.

She is playing soccer this season and she has doing quite well. So far she has gotten quite a few turns as goal keeper and has proven herself up to the job. I would like her to stick with soccer, but this could be her last year. Every time we pass by the girls practicing cheer she announces that she really wants to be a cheerleader. A little part of me dies inside when she says that because I really could not stand the cheerleaders at my school. They were a rather nasty and idiotic lot and my girl is better than that.

But enough about my hangups, this is about my daughter and her latest creation.

dachshund joy
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
She made this drawing a few weeks ago when we were stuck at one of Max's doctor appointments. It is a wonderful drawing of a dachshund chasing a ball across a field. It is a very simple composition, but it really captures the joy in the moment.

I was so taken with the picture that I brought it to one of my dachshund club's meetings to show it off. Everybody was very impressed. They all could tell it was a dachshund and thought she had gotten the essence of the breed.

My little Miss Rebecca can be quite an artist.

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