Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Artist of the Week: Little Foxes

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This week's artist is Mr. Max. He loves penguins and, as you can see here, he is starting to get a bit of a collection of them.

Max also likes foxes. I'm not sure what precipitated this, he just started to draw them. He made one on his mini etch-a-sketch that was very good, but sadly was erased by his sister before I could photograph it. He was very upset and that was when I found out about his interest in foxes.

Yesterday, as I was going through his take home folder from school, he declared "I make very good foxes."

Shortly there after I pulled out a story picture he made at school from his folder.

For those of you not conversant in first grade writing and spelling styles I'll translate:

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar

I like foxes because they (not really sure about this) cool and they can walk in the snow and they can run.

These are his best foxes yet. It's a momma fox with her two cubs, with one cub playing in the snow. The handwriting and the spelling are quite rough, but the picture is perfect. When he sits down and really decides to draw a picture he can do wonderful things.

I must agree with Max, he really does draw good foxes.

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