Friday, October 10, 2008

Emotional Distress

Today I finally got around to getting invites for Max and Rebecca's birthday party. I've been putting it off, waiting for a chance to go with the two of them to pick them out, but we have been far too busy lately for it to happen. Today Max was home, not feeling particularly well, so after the obligatory visit to the pediatrician we stopped by Walmart.

Max picked his out in no time at all, he opted for the sports themed one and that was that. For Rebecca I found three that we both thought she would like. I tossed them all into the cart, whichever ones she didn't like I would return. When we got home I set out the one I thought she (a little puppy with a birthday hat) would like the most on the table next to Max's invites.

Turns out the whole thing was possibly the worst idea in the world and was grossly unfair according to Rebecca. The second she saw them she burst into tears and declared that it was not fair that she did not get to choose and Max did, that she never gets to go shopping and that everything was just plain wrong. I tried to talk her down and show her the other invites, but it was too late. Everything was wrong now.

She cried and fussed for a long time. Jake oblivious to the start of this tragedy and emotional distress was very concerned about his little sister.

"Rebecca why are you crying?"


"Rebecca, please tell me what's wrong."


"Mom what's wrong with Rebecca?"


I told him about the invites and he was stunned. "Mom, that's just ridiculous! All that over some stupid invites."


"Rebecca, you need to get over it."

After about an hour and some ice cream she did finally calm down. She picked out the ones she wanted (which of course were the puppy ones I thought she would like) and slowly returned to normal.

I then asked her "So who do you want to invite?"

"I don't know, I can't decide!"

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