Friday, October 17, 2008


Red Boys
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I'm terrible about making kennel reservations for the dogs. I always wait until the last minute before I call up the kennel we use.

The kennel itself is decent, it's small with an old kennel building and simple outdoor runs that are used twice a day. What I really like about the place is that the owner lives a stone's throw away from the kennel and is a practicing vet to boot. The cherry on top is that Doc (as the techs all call him) grew up with dachshunds. He knows and understands the breed and really appreciates my dogs good temperaments and sound bodies.

So I know my dogs are popular with the owner and I'm fairly certain that the techs like them too, how much I didn't know until today.

My in laws are coming down today for the dynamic duo's birthday party. I finally got around to calling the kennel this morning about boarding the dogs for the weekend (Grandpa is a real trooper and doesn't make us kennel the dogs, but they do exacerbate his asthma and we want Grandpa to stay healthy).

As the person on the other end took my info and checked to see if they had space her voice lit up when she realized it was John and Dell.

She cried out "It's my babies! My babies are coming! "

An indistinct voice in the background queried who is coming and when she said Dell and John I could here a muffled "Oh those two, that's great!"

The receptionist then told me "There is always room for John and Dell, and if there isn't I'll just take them home with me."

I then found out that all the techs love my dogs and take turns just sitting in the runs being covered with kisses.

My red boys are very popular.

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