Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

sister vs brother
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As I mentioned yesterday, Max and Rebecca are on separate soccer teams. On Sunday, they had their long awaited match up.

Or as I liked to call it, grudge match of the century (which is totally absurd because they actually get along very well).

Anyhoo, we got to the field early enough for the dynamic duo to warm up with their respective teammates. I deposited water bottles on the players' side of the field and told the coaches about the game's sibling match up. I then retreated to the spectator's side and carefully positioned my chair at the midfield line and discovered I left my camera in the car. There was no way I was going to miss this photo opportunity and I had plenty of time so I trekked all the way back to the car to fetch it.I got back just in time to see the start of the game.

And what a game it was.

Max's team was just a wee bit better and they led for most of the game. It was an interesting experience for me because I knew pretty much all the kids out there and I really could not root exclusively for either team. I ended up cheering individual plays and players.

The best part was right at he end. Rebecca's team battled back and at the last 30 seconds of the game they were able to make the tying goal. In my eyes it was the perfect end to the game.

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