Monday, October 27, 2008

Dean Barnett

I never met Dean, I don't think I ever read his site, Soxblog, but he had been very kind to us.

When we first learned of Max's CF diagnoses Larry wrote to Dean. Larry read his blog and knew that Dean too had CF. Amazingly Dean took the time to respond.

Today Dean was taken from us by the ravages of Cystic Fibrosis. He was only 41, far outstripping the projected lifespan a newborn with CF when he was born in 1967, but still too young.

And that is what I hate most about CF.

Most of us live life with the thought of death far far out of our minds. For those affected by CF (not just the patient, but family and friends as well) are just able to keep death at arms length. Everything we do, the endless treatments, the countless doctors visits, the never ending meds are all to get us a little more time. To keep Max just that much healthier. We strive to give him a normal life as possible, one with death kept at arm's length.

I'm so sorry at Dean is no longer here, but he did give a good fight and did the very best that he could do and lived life as fully as possible.

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