Monday, October 13, 2008

Apple Pickin' Time

Sunday was utterly gorgeous and we had no official plans, Hebrew school was off and we were free to do whatever we wished.

So we decided to go apple picking up at Carter Mountain Orchard.

Of course nothing is easy with four kids and Nate woke up that morning with an ear ache. One trip to the doctor's office and a prescription for an antibiotic later, we were good to go. We got a fair distance along when I realized I had forgotten my camera. It wasn't worth going back home, so there will be no pictures for this post.

The orchard is way up high over by Charlottesville. It was an incredibly steep climb up the top with a sheer drop on the passenger's side of the car you drive up. I really don't like heights and this is just the sort of situation I loathe. I ended up leaning towards the center of the car and winced every time Larry neared the edge as he drove the car (he's a fine driver and I implicitly trust him, but it was a tough ride for me). Once we reached the top we were greeted by a spectacular view and a sea of parked cars.

Obviously we weren't the only people to decide to go apple picking. We were concerned about the crowd, but the orchard easily handled it.

After a snack of apple cider doughnuts (and boy were those good!) we split up, Larry went off with Nate and Jake and I got the dynamic duo. The trees by the edges of the orchard were pretty much picked over, but farther in we found plenty of trees with apples within reach of Max and Rebecca. In short order we picked what turned out to be 12 pounds of apples. As went went up to the barn we bumped into someone we knew. She called out to me by name and warmly greeted us. I didn't remember her name, but she was familiar, most likely a mother of one of Nate's classmates from Hebrew school. When I mentioned I forgot our camera she kindly took our picture. It wasn't until I got home I figured out who she was.

Larry and the boys showed up a bit later and they all had a good time picking apples. Nate told me with delight in his voice that he got to climb a few trees and pick a few hard to reach apples. In fact all four kids had a great time and we'll probably repeat the experience next year.

Hopefully I'll remember the camera.

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