Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Artist of the Week: Seder Plate

About to take the ball
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Since tonight marks the start of Passover we have a special Passover edition of Artist of the Week.

A couple of weeks ago Max and Rebecca got to make their own Seder plates at Hebrew school. Rebecca, as always, had a lovely creation. She drew a tulip, nicely centered on the plate, surrounded by cut out images of all the traditional items. Max, however really outdid himself, kind of like here in soccer where he is just about to take the ball. He is one of the smaller players (all right I'll admit it, the smallest on the team), but he is one of the toughest. He has no problem going up against the much bigger kids on the field. Rebecca creates beautiful things all the time, but sometimes Max steals the show.

Professor Owlwood
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Anyhoo, a few weeks ago Max brought his owl beanie baby, Professor Owlwood, with him to school. On that particular day the class was creating their own Seder plates. Max used his Owl as his inspiration.

His owl is absolutely dead on, here is a link to the beanie baby itself. Admittedly the actual Seder items are piled at the owl's feet, but they are there. We oohed and awed over his creation (Rebecca was definitely a bit put out, she's used to be the artist star of the family) and his first question was, "Will I be artist of the week?"

Why yes we will Max, yes you will.

Happy Passover.

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