Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Times, Good Dogs

I got back last night and I had a wonderful time. It's been almost four years since I've seen either my brother or his wife. Literally the last time my immediate family has been together was at my brother's wedding. But that's the reality of our being scattered from Vermont , Virginia and all the way to Colorado. My brother and I do make an effort to regularly visit my mother, but our schedules never seem to mesh.

However that all changed this weekend. My brother had planned months ago to see our mother on her 80th birthday. One night while chatting with him about his upcoming visit he said I should come.

He was absolutely right.

Larry told me to go, his mother was planing on visiting around then and she could help shuttle kids. So I bought my tickets for a quick weekend get away.

We ate good food, drank fare too much good wine and some very fine champagne. I made lemon squares for my Mom on her birthday, which we all devoured that night after we got home from an excellent dinner out (I highly recommend the Canoe Club in Hanover, NH). My brother and I also tidy up the place, he pruned a tree and hung pictures while I picked up dog poop finally released from winter's icy grip and reorganized the laundry room.

It was all too brief, but I had to get back to my day job, full time mom.

Today I picked up the dogs from the kennel. (Grandpa came down with Grandma and his asthma is horribly affected by the dogs. To help keep him healthy we kennel the dogs when the come. The dogs, by the way , love going to the kennel so it's no hardship on them.)

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When I walked in the first thing the staff said was "Aww, you're coming to take my babies." I then got an almost ten minute love fest about how wonderful the boys are. They are super affectionate, Dell in particular. Their description of him wiggling on his back begging for more tummy rubs reminded me of several cartoons I cut out years ago.

Crunch too was a great lover of tummy rubs and these cartoons were spot on with him. It's nice to see that Dell takes after the old man.

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