Sunday, April 05, 2009

Finally a Game

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After three weeks of cancelations and miscues, Max finally got to play soccer.

The first week of practice was conceled due to snow. The first and third weekends of games were canceled due to rain and the second week, well... that was interesting. Originally we were scheduled for a game, but league decided to redo the schedule the day before and give our team a bye. However, they negelted to inform our coach about the change so three teams showed up for one game. It all got sorted out and we ended up having a practice instead.

But Saturday it all came together and our team got to play.

I love this picture of Max. Another parent took it and sent me a link to his site. The photo shows how undaunted Max is when he plays soccer. The kid he is up against is nearly twice his size, but that didn't bother Max. He messes about with his older brothers all the time so this wasn't new to him. He can be such a tough and scrappy little guy.

SA for the game, I think we lost. I'm not sure, but it really didn't matter. It was a glorious day and Max finally got to play.

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