Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bestest Boys

red boys
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The red boys got to go to the vet yesterday. Dell was due for his annual check up and combo-wombo (everything but rabies, lepto, and the kitchen sink) shot and John needed his bordetella booster.

Normally I'll bring them in separately, but I was brave and decided to haul them in together and be done with it.

I'm so glad I did, they were complete angels. A little girl, I'd hazard at about 18 months old, and her big (maybe 3) brother glommed onto the red boys in the main waiting room. The girl would lightly whapped the boys and squeal with excitement while her brother would bury his face in their necks and give big hugs. John was very tolerant and would lean into the kids and Dell was deliriously happy to get any sort of attention. I was so proud of my dogs being so good with the little ones. I wasn't a bit concerned about how they would react, that is the advantage of a well bred dog.

In the examining room they continued their good behaviour. The tech, as always, gushed over her "babies." She is so happy to see my dogs. John really outdid himself. In the room the table doubles (or should I say triples) as a lift, a scale and an examining table. John hopped onto the lowered table and sat right down. He calmly rode it as the table slowly lifted him up to waist height.

I was amazed. He was cool and collected, heaven knows Dell would have freaked out over the experience.

As for the shot, he stood still as a statue. Not a sound, not a flinch, just a little lick when the vet gave him a treat.

Dell too was perfect on the table and he got two shots. The vet and the tech fussed over the both of them afterwards. The vet then told me that the red boys were the best dogs. He loves their temperament and he can see they are healthy and sound.

They are the bestest boys.

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