Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sometimes a Mom, Sometimes the IT Department

So I blew off Monday's post because not only are the kids home this week, but our geriatric computers were getting a might bit testy.

Larry's was the first to go with his browsers becoming erratic and ultimately crashing. In the end even brand new versions of IE and Firefox wouldn't function. So after a some hemming and hawing and a spanking new external hard drive to store his huge (and I do mean HUGE) assortment of iTunes, we reformatted the bugger. Now every thing works as it should.

Then mine started getting a bit odd. I could no longer log on to read my email in FGirefox, IE was just ducky, but in Firefox I was always being thrown pack to the login page. If I did use the wrong password I would get the appropiate error message. So I pulled out the old and downloaded a sparkly new version.

No dice.

Which really started to bug me. Meryl urged me to pursuit it more, but dang it at almost five years old and with multiple users it was time to wipe that baby clean. And honestly, I kind of like reformatting hard drives, it's oddly liberating. So I too have a new external hard drive for all my digital pictures (I'm more a visual person) and a nice clean hard drive. The kids were a bit saddened by the loss of save files in their games, but hey now the get to start anew.

So that is what I've been doing the past couple of days. Loading up drivers and squaring everthing away.

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