Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Artist of the Week: Blue

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This week's artist is the always energetic Nate.

I had taped his painting down on the floor to flatten it out a bit, it was too large for the scanner and I needed to photograph it. After shooting the first frame or so Nate flung himself over and inserted himself into the photo. The resulting picture was just too good to pass over, you really get a feel for his energy and out in out goofiness.

The shirt he is wearing pretty much sums him up. It is one of the few shirts I have gotten him that has some sort of message on it. When I first saw it I just had to get it for him. He immediately liked it and quickly grew to love it after seeing Adam Savage wearing the very same shirt on MythBusters.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
Anyhoo, this is about art and not sartorial choices.

A few days ago I found this painting stuffed in his backpack. Jammed between notebooks and snack containers, it is a miracle it survived the journey home intact. When I unfurled it I was struck by vivid blues. I'm not sure what the artistic theme was, but I do know I like it. Blue is my favorite color and this painting has a wonderful assortment.

This one is a keeper.

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