Sunday, July 19, 2009

All Star Baby

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Nate did it again and was selected to be on the invitation All-Star team with the added bonus of Larry being the coach. This time around Nate has been mostly out in the field, but I love this picture I got of him all geared up behind the plate. Today was the first time he got to be catcher. The pitcher, one of Nate's regular season teammates, prefers to have my boy behind the plate. Larry told me that the kid said "I like Nate because he's so small, all I see is the glove."

Yesterday and today were the first two days of the tournament. We have a very good team, loaded with talent in both defense and offense. So far we have won first two games with the respective scores of 20 to 10 and 22 to 4. They are just rolling along in pool play. There are two more games left, then the top teams go on to the semi-finals.

I'll be missing tomorrow's game, it's at 8:15, which is too late for a couple of seven year olds I know and I have to pick up Jake at the train at 8:00. But I'll be there Tuesday, rooting for our boys.

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