Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where's the Bunny?

ooh, bunny
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The red boys love all of the suburban wildlife running around in our backyard. As you can see by the grubby nose prints on the window, they enjoy surveying their domain.

Fairly often you can find one or both of the dogs staring out the windows with their noses pressed against the glass. When it is a particularly offensive animal (like oh say deer or squirrels) they let loose with a barrage of barks. For some reason rabbits only elicit a low level whine. Which is ironic considering that they are run, sporadically, in field trials on RABBIT.

If you click on this picture it will lead you to the picture in my Flickr photostream and you can see what they are looking at a little bit better.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
Why there's the bunny!

This little guy was happily munching away on our lawn just below the window the red boys like to stare out of. It's a cute little bunny and for whatever reason I have less of an issue with the rabbits in my backyard than the deer. Maybe because I have far fewer rabbits in my yard and they far less destructive than the tall rats.

However they still have to watch out for the red boys, they would like to have some fresh free-range rabbit for dinner.

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