Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Artist of the Week: When I Grow Up

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This week's artist is Rebecca. She was feeling a bit poorly today, unfortunately she is one of those people who are weather sensitive. Impending storm fronts make, as she puts it, her forehead hurt and sometimes even her tummy. She spent most the the morning asleep, rallying as the day drew to a close and the front started to break.

In this picture, however, the weather was bit kinder to her. It was the day before Jake's Bar Mitzvah when we were at the temple for a final dress rehearsal and a chance to take some pictures. Rebecca and Max had the very important job of handing out the candy to be tossed at Jake. A job that Rebecca took very seriously. Passing out candy, as any child will tell you, is serious business.

Anyway, if it was possible Rebecca would love to be a professional candy server when she grows up. However she does recognize that it is not a viable career path and settled on something a bit more plausable when she was asked in class.

when I grow up
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I found this sheet tucked among her papers she dragged home during the last few days of school. It has a charming collection of animals at the top, a mama goose with her goslings, a dog (which of course is a dachshund), a large fox, a parrot, and a nice stripy cat. On the lower half she answers the age old question of what she will be when she grows up.

Here is the text complete and unedited, spelling clarifications are in parenthesis :

May 12, 2009
When I grow up I want to be a vechern (veterinarian). I like babys anmls. Some anmls are nice and some are sml (small). I like anmls. Some are big. Some are fun to play with. Some are mesee (messy).
I love anmls.

The whole thing is so cute and adorable. She really does love animals and I think this is one of the sweetest assignments she has brought home to date.

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