Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Artist of the Week: Clay

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A very dapper Max is this week's artist.

I love how he looks when he has his coat and tie on. The little blue and yellow striped tie just sets the whole look off. Max likes how he looks too and is more than happy to dress up for any occasion. Which is quite a contrast with Nate, who has to be badgered into his bettered clothes.

We picked up this outfit for Jake's Bar Mitzvah. I had spent an afternoon shopping with him and he spotted this on the rack. They had just one left in his size and as I held it up he asked if he could have it, he thought it looked terrific. How could I say no.

On the day of his last piano recital he asked if he could wear his suit (the jacket came with not only a shirt and tie, but a nice pair of blue slacks as well). When he donned his clothes he announced that he looked like a miniature business man. I told him he looked even better than that. He is a handsome little devil and was the best dressed and cutest little boy at the recital. Just look at that smile, I think Larry snagged this photo of him just afterward.

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Another little dapper fellow is this little blue jay Max made at school. It fits snugly in the palm of your hand and has a quite and self assured air about it. It is a pleasure to hold. The little tail feathers got a bit bent from the trip home on the bus, but otherwise it's perfect.

I think it may have been intended by the teacher as some sort of end of the year gift for the parents, but Max loves his little bird too much to give it up. In fact, it has been buried in his room for the past month. I had to do a bit of searching to find it for today. He'll be pleased to see it here, but I know he'll want it back. And honestly, I completely understand

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