Thursday, July 16, 2009

Honest Parenting

One of the rules we have around here is that if you are sick and/or have to take medicine you get to have ice cream before going to bed. This came about from our on going quest to add extra calories to Max's diet. He gets to have ice cream three times a day- breakfast, snack and before bed. His siblings started to get a bit miffed with all this ice cream passing them by (they only get it at snack time) and wanted to know why Max could have it all the time and not them. Larry and I settled on the two part explanation that Max 1) needs to be rewarded for all the nasty medicines and treatments he takes and 2) he needs the extra calories.

This was deemed acceptable when we added the aforementioned ice cream rule. Life is not fair, but we do need to make a reasonable rules.

So anywho, Miss Rebecca has a bit of a cough ( all right, a really annoying and persistent cough) and I dragged her in to see the doctor today. It turns out there is a bit of a wheeze in her lungs so she was prescribed a course of steroids for five days and albuterol nebulizations for three. (note: When the doctor mentioned nebulization as a possible treatment we told her it was no problem, we have the pump- two in fact- and enough albuterol on hand to sink a ship. She was a bit surprised until I explained that Max has CF. For once having an extensive pharmacy at home paid off.)

Tonight Rebecca asked about the ice cream and after a bit of thought I remembered the rule and said yes. I gave her a small bowl of chocolate ice cream shortly before bed. Rebecca was a bit disappointed with the quantity and needled me for more. I flatly said no. When pressed why I wouldn't give her more I explained "Because I'm mean." Oddly enough that seemed to satisfy her and ended her search for more ice cream.

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