Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bountiful Basil

bountiful basil
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Or the lazy gardener.

I'm not much for gardening, especially because we have very bold deer in our backyard that can and will eat everything. The only safe place is up on our deck. I have a few large pots with assorted plants that I barely care for.

Which works well for my basil and chives. They go to seed and come back year after year. I even had my tomatoes come back the past two growing seasons, but sadly not this year. I even have a couple of flowers that come back every year, a nice purplish blue balloon flower and the moss rose from Jake's bar mitzvah.

The moss rose was a pleasant surprise this spring. It was clearly marked as an annual and after this winters cold temperatures I did not expect to see it again. It has just started to bloom and I'll take a few pictures sometime soon.

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Diane said...

Yum - fresh basil. Very few annuals make it to a second year around here, unless they are in a very sheltered spot. My landlord, however, managed to grow a very pretty clematis that isn't supposed to grow up here - and it gets bigger every year; I guess you just can't predict.