Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Popping Over To 14

Popping Over To 14
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Today is Jake's 14th birthday.

He has matured so much this past year, almost as though he had a Bar Mitzvah or something (Heee).

Today he got to celebrate in a low key fashion that fits him to a tee. He requested popovers and bacon for breakfast. His first choice was Yorkshire pudding, but I put the kibosh on that since it requires me to roast some beef. Not gonna happen in this heat or at breakfast time. Then it was pizza for lunch and takeout Chinese for dinner. Oh and the soda flowed all day long, much to the delight of his younger siblings (soda is such for Shabbat dinner, holidays and parties).

Nate asked if there was going to be a party and we said no. Once you have your B'nai Mitzvah big parties are a thing of the past. Jake was fine with that and after a bit of thought Nate understood the reasoning.

So happy birthday to my first born child.

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