Monday, June 14, 2010

Sorry About The Mess

We've been following World Cup action this weekend and I'm really getting into the games, to the extent that I've stuck yet another widget onto my sidebar. Sadly FIFA is obnoxious and has locked the size of the widget so the sidebar got a bit blown out.

Stupid FIFA.

Anyway, it'll just be a temporary mess until the whole thing is over.

As to which teams I'm following, USA (natch), followed by the Americas, and not France. The French team has a history of poor sportsmanship and extreme overacting. Soccer is a physical sport and players can and do get injured, but please quit the fake rolling around on the ground in "extreme" pain because the other guy may have brushed by you. My favorite moment was when one French guy garnered sarcastic applause from Uruguay's Forlan over his dramatic flop on the field.

In contrast, the US Vs England match-up was refreshing due to the lack of dramatics. Just good solid play on both sides. If a player got knocked down it was genuine and he was usually ready to play in an instant.

Update: I hated how my sidebar was blown out. Instead I've decided the widget will just have to be cut off on one side. Stupid, stupid FIFA.

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