Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well That Was a Bust

A few weeks ago we sent Dell off to a five day cluster of dog shows. His breeder was unable to show him so we ended up hiring a professional handler. Dell needs major (wins that result in 3 or more points) and historically this cluster pulls in large enough entries for majors. All I had to do was send in the entries and arrange for the hand off.

Everything started off well, there were majors all five days and Dell was able to get to his handler.

The first day he got second place, which I felt was completely understandable. Mr. Dell was with a new person and odds are this was their shake down outing. I had confidence that he was in good hands and the judging panels were pretty good for the rest of the cluster.

Unfortunately things did not improve.

I don't blame Dell or the handler, she really did put in an honest effort. We were hoping to finish Dell (that is earn his championship) but, competition was stiff and it just wasn't Dell's time in the spotlight. However, it's going to be a long time until I considering sending him off like that. We all missed Dell terribly. He is such a sweet silly goofball and the house seemed to be less than what it should be.

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