Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Artist of the Week: Cake

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This week's artist is my little traveling companion Rebecca. Today she got to accompany me to an impromptu trip up to Fredericksburg.

I had a set of ring markers from another club dumped on me waaaay back in October. I had a lot on my plate back then and promptly forgot about them. Low and behold last night the owners of the said markers realized they were missing and put out a call for them. I promptly piped up that I had them and would be happy to met up with whomever and get them out of my garage. This led to some intense emailing back and forth this morning with the end result that today was the best day for all concerned. I decided that Rebecca would accompany me since I had to pick her up from school at roughly the same time I needed to hit the road. I grabbed a bunch of movies and figured between the DVD player and homework she would be entertained. Rebecca loves going places and the promise of dinner out was the icing on the cake.

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And icing is what it's all about this week.

Our elementary school offers after school enrichment a couple of times during the school year. Currently Max is enrolled in Chess and Rebecca is taking cake decorating. The classes met one day a week and last about an hour. The instructor provides the undecorated bake goods, frosting, and various decorating tools. So far Rebecca has decorated a half dozen cupcakes, a chocolate cake and cookies.

The cake, pictured here, was made last week. She decorated the whole thing. First frosting the cake, using a stamp (sort of like a cookie cutter) to mark out the flowers, and creating the flowers. I think she did a lovely job and persuded her to hold off serving it until Mother's Day. Because, really, it's the perfect thing to serve your mom on her special day.

So now we'll have two cake decorators in the house. Maybe someday Rebecca will want to tackle her own birthday.

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