Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Banquet Season

soccer banquet
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Right now it's not only the end of all our sports, but the school year is drawing to a close as well. And this means it's banquet season.

So far we have had two and, of course, they landed on the same day. Larry got to take the older boys to Jake's robotics banquet and I took the twin's to Rebecca's soccer banquet. Both events were fun and a good time was had for all.

Now this was just the tip of the iceberg. By my calculations we have at least three more in the works. Max's soccer team will be next week, Jake will have another with band and then Nate's lacrosse team. Then there is the potential for Jake to have one more if show choir decides to have one and if he wants to attend.


Fortunately each and every one has genuinely nice families involved. The only tricky part part is if the parties are all scheduled at the same time, but I'm not too worried.

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