Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not Enraptured

Oh I'm not talking about the big old bust of a rapture from yesterday. Clearly I wouldn't be among the select few, because I'm Jewish and I thought the whole thing was ridiculous from the get go.

No I'm talking about ticks.

I utterly loathe the little blood sucking monsters. I know they fill an important niche, but I want them gone. I would happily pack their little bags and buy them bus fare if they would leave me and my family alone. It's the time of year I look longingly towards the dogs flea and tick preventive and wish it could be used on humans. DEET works, but the stuff reeks to high heaven and eventually washes off.

Now I have to avoid the woods and do periodic tick checks on the kids and be horribly itchy from the odd one that ends up on me.

Seriously if I was Empress of the world the little buggers would be out of this plane of existance.

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