Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dog Days are Early

thirsty Dell
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It was unbelievably hot today. Not quite yet June and the recorded high was 98.

Yes, Ninety Eight stinkin' degrees.

It was well into the 80s when I was walking the dogs this morning and I felt overdressed in a t-shirt and shorts. The dogs were game for the walk, but halfway through their tongues were lolling. When we got back inside to the sweet, sweet land of central air conditioning John promptly flopped on his side and passed out. Dell, meanwhile, marched to the dog bowl, laid down facing the water dish with his front legs outstretched on either side of the bowl, and proceded to drink every last drop of water.

It's supposed to be another scorcher tomorrow and then the temps drop back to the 80s again. I hope so, because it's way too early to be this hot.

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