Friday, May 20, 2011

MCP Project 52: Spring Fever

Sungold Morning
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This week's theme is spring fever, which hit here quite a while ago. Now it's more dreading summer and the impending 90 plus temps.

However we have had a bit of a reprieve lately with some gorgeous mild weather amongst the endless rain. Weather I'm very thankful for after our downstairs air conditioning unit went belly up. I've been dreading the moment, which was long over due since the unit turned out to be 24 years old and qualifies it as older than dirt. So with the actual spring weather we have been able to take our time in pricing systems and get the whole shebang replaced before the warm weather hits again next week.

Anyhoodle, for me spring fever hits when it's time for me to set out my teeny tiny deck garden. All I grow are Sungold cherry tomatoes, basil, chives and some sort of slicing tomato. A couple of weeks ago I got my tomato plants and here they are, full of flowers. I can't wait for the deliciousness that will soon follow.

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