Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tower of Mud

tower of mud
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I spend a fair amount of my time schlepping back and forth various field around the county. It's pretty easy to tune out while tromping down well worn paths. Most of the time I'm juggling a chair, a book, and a camera while avoiding low hanging branches and shoe sucking mud.

That being said I do try to notice what is around me.

And last week I was rewarded when I espied little towers of mud in the half filled drainage ditch. The crayfish (crawdads) have been very busy with all the wet weather we have been having. They have been industriously building their towers along any waterway they can find.

Usually the towers have smooth walls, somewhat like the dribble castles I'll make on the beach. But this one is a bit different, it looks more like little balls of dirt were stacked together to form the tower. It was a rather unique structure. I'm glad I noticed it and that I had my camera with me.

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