Sunday, June 05, 2011

Mother Son Bonding

Portals! by Teckelcar
Portals!, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
Hooray! Flickr and Blogger are now on speaking terms!

Now I get to post pictures, again, with just a few clicks. They would have had a falling out just when I wanted to post a boatload of pictures.

Anywho, this is Max and me modeling our favorite t-shirts. I am a fan of Portal (here's a flash version if you are interested) and when this shirt showed up on Shirt Woot I had to get it for myself, Jake and Nate (who are also fans of the game). I love the little mouse and its companion cheese cube. It's cute without cutesy. Having the portal on the back just put the design over the top. When we got the shirts Max and Rebecca desperately wanted to have it as well. They don't play the game, but they love the mouse on the shirt.

Nate was a bit miffed when his younger siblings got the shirt. He does not like coordinating with his siblings in any way, shape, or form. Jake and I were tolerable, Nate could avoid matching us and still get to wear the shirt fairly often. But with Max and Rebecca on board it has become a little harder for him to be "unique." Fortunately he got over it and doesn't worry too much about the matchy thing.

Max, however, loves wearing the same shirt as me. It makes him so very happy when we are dressed the same. He has never gotten to do this before, I have only done mother-daughter dresses with Rebecca. It just never entered my head that Max would want to wear the same thing as me. So now when we both wear our Portals shirt he is so very happy.

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