Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ice Cream

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Yesterday was gorgeous and today will be even nicer. I finally remembered to pick up some more ice cream cones to the delight of my children.

We all love ice cream. I usually keep us stocked with chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Oddly enough it is viewed as a good food for Max. He needs to squeeze in as many calories as possible. I still can’t get over the fact that I had a nutritionist tell me that Max needs more fat and salt in his diet. I guess this makes french fries health food.

But enough of that, I am very fond of Turkey Hill’s offerings. It has that wonderful combination of great taste and low price. I have recently discovered Ben and Jerry’s line of Dave Mathews Band flavors. The two I’ve tried are awesome, One Sweet Whirled (apparently discontinued) and Magic Brownies. I couldn’t give a hoot about the politics around them, they are just plain tasty. I only get the fancy ice cream for me and my hubby. The kids do not appreciate the finer flavors.

Maybe this summer when we visit my Mom up in VT we will go tour Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory. It is great fun and you get samples at the end.

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