Friday, April 15, 2005

They’re Back!

A few months ago I noticed my local Costco was no longer stocking Hebrew National hot dogs. They are our tube streak of choice. We don’t eat them all the time, but with four kids, two of which are active in sports, hot dogs make for a convenient and fast dinner. Jake is very picky about food in general and will only eat certain varieties of frankfurters, Hebrew National being one of them. God forbid should he get a Nathan’s hot dog. I was sad that I could no longer get the bulk package at an absurdly low price. I could still find them in several local supermarkets.

Then on February 19th Meryl wrote a quick bit about the Hebrew National shortage. This gave me and my food budget hope for the return of our favorite frank to Costco.

Yesterday I made my weekly milk run to Costco to stock up. At $2.89 a gallon it is worth the hassle for me to get our milk at Costco. We, on average, go through five gallons of milk a week. Another bonus with shopping there is I don’t get the oddball looks when I fill my cart with milk. Several times at the supermarket I have had people eyeball my cart and announce that I should get a cow. Yeah right! Four kids, three dogs, two goldfish and a snail; a cow is just what I need.

While in Costco yesterday I picked up a few other items like soup, pasta, dino-nuggets and tax software. (Yes, I know it’s a bit last minute for tax stuff, but it was for calculating the value of donated items. Plus it was FREE after the rebate. We had donated a boatload of clothing last year after a major closet purge.) As I wound my way through the refrigerator/ freezer section I saw them.

Hebrew National was back at Costco!

Woohoo! More yummy cow!

I tossed a package into my cart and headed on to checkout.

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