Friday, April 01, 2005

Spring Break Wrap-up

This past week has been the school's spring break. As a result I have had all four children home with me. These are some of the things I have learned or relearned this week.

When your across town friend calls you up and tells you that it is hailing at her house, don’t say that she is special, even if it is not hailing at your house. Why? Because odds are that two hours later it will be hailing at your own house.

Hail is very entertaining to watch, especially for children ages eight and younger.

Dachshund puppies like to dig holes, very big holes. Oh and lots and lots of them.
(I actually knew this, I just forgot since my last puppy was over 10 years ago.)

When you get a great deal of rain the ground gets saturated. The puppy pits then fill up with water. This water can then be scooped out by enterprising children and moved to the sandbox.

Sandboxes when filled with water are even more fun. A new sport was developed, submarine car racing. I don’t know how it goes, but it involves very muddy water being flung about.

You can get mud out of tutus.

Nate was so impressed by our dump run that he announced that “you can do almost anything with this car.”

Jake pointed out that our car can’t fly.

Nate replied that he said “almost anything.”

Unofficial animals at the zoo are just as exciting as the official ones.

Boys like to pull wagons at garden centers. Rebecca likes to ride wagons at garden centers (no surprise here, this fits in with her view of being a princess.)

Four children can play together if they are left alone.

Sometimes it is best not to plan anything at all.

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