Tuesday, April 19, 2005

This and That

Today I just want to share a few things with y’all.

First off is our crab apple tree.

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Isn’t it pretty? It is at about peak blossom right now. It smells heavenly and the bees are all over it. When you sit beneath it you can hear the buzzing. This is one of my favorite spots to sit in during the summer. It is always cool and lovely when you are on the bench underneath the tree. Here is another view of the tree.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

This is from inside the house looking out the window by the kitchen table. I love that we can see the tree while we eat.

My neighbor last year commented on the tree’s extravagant blooms. She wanted to know what we were doing to encourage the tree. I confessed that we did nothing except trim back the root suckers. Oh, and that the dogs like to pee around the tree and gnaw on any exposed roots. I have a Darwinian approach to gardening. After I plant something it is pretty much on its own. I’ll trim away dead stuff and sporadically water it, but that is it. With all the deer around us it is just a matter of time before it gets chomped.

Another thing I wanted to share is a little item from the bi-monthly newspaper that is sent to our home. I like to read the Crime Watch section. It is just a collection of blurbs from the police blotter. Every now and then a real oddball shows up.
Burnt Oak Drive. The victim returned to her apartment after being
away for a week to find the sliding glass door, previously open, now closed
and locked. Tissue paper was placed in the front door peep hole, and
clothes and dishes had been washed and dried. Food and liquor had been
consumed, and her computer, TV, radio and camera were missing.

Except for the missing items, I think it wasn’t so bad. It looks like someone lived there for a few days, felt a bit guilty and cleaned up the place before cleaning out her electronics.

My all time favorite was when the victim returned home and found someone else’s furniture in the apartment.

Finally, here is the (hopefully) last flaming soccer occurrence. The last practice was uneventful, but after Saturday’s game was another story. While driving home I noticed a line of smoke on the field between the park and the highway. It turns out there had been a small brush fire. Ironically our soccer club used to be the Chesterfield Flames. It merged with another club and the new name is Chesterfield United. Maybe all this fire stuff will end soon.

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