Monday, April 04, 2005


Friday I got Max and Rebecca new rain boots. As we went into Target Rebecca softly said to me that she wanted “pretty ones.” We found a pair of pink boots with bees and a daisy that fit the bill. Max’s boots are supposed to be alligators, but they look more like dragons to me. Jake and Nate couldn’t find any to their liking. So we will look again at another store. They will just have to make do with their old boots. They don’t leak (yet) and they still kinda fit.

Saturday it rained hard in the morning. The boots got a bit of a workout in the afternoon. Rebecca would get very upset when her new boots got mucky on the outside. She would come inside the house and plead with me to clean them off. I’d rise off the boots and all would be right again.
Sunday I picked up some more sand for the sandbox. Funny thing about sand, it tends to disappear over the course of the summer. At this point it was a thin layer covered with leaves and dirt. I also put some sand in our castle.
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We can now build sandcastles in the castle! Now we will have two areas to build in and the floor of the castle won’t get so muddy. I ended up getting fifteen 50lbs bags of play sand, ten bags for the sandbox and five for the castle. This should last us until next year. I hope. 750 lbs of sand was definitely pushing the limits of the van.

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