Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Lil Darling

Today Max, Rebecca and I went to story time and the bike store.

Wednesday is their regular story time at the library. They old enough for the 3 to 5 year old group, but we still go to the story time for two year olds. In the older group they would be expected to sit still and pay attention. Also parents are requested to not be in the room. They are not quite ready, but by fall I’ll move them up. Then I’ll get to pick out books with out my entourage. Right now I just quickly pick something out of the new arrival section. It’s on the way to the checkout desk from the children’s section. Half the time the book is something Max and Rebecca have picked out. So far we have gotten some pretty good books for me to read.

The theme today was hats. At the end the librarian pulled out a huge box of hats for the kids to try on. She even had a mirror for them to see how they look with the hats on. There was the usual assortment of fireman, policemen and construction hats. Max found a race car drivers helmet. Rebecca, of course, found the one crown in the box. Next week it will be bedtime stories. The librarian wants us to wear our pajamas. She even said that the kids could bring their blankies. Rebecca perked up at that idea. After story time we picked out a bunch of books to bring home. Max got three books about knights and Rebecca got books with horses or bunnies. I even picked out a couple of joke books for Jake and Nate. Then we went on to the bike store.

A new bike shop just opened up last year not far from our house. Before it was a half hour trek to the nearest bike shop, now it is a ten minute drive. Jake’s and Nate’s bikes are in need of a tune up. Brakes need adjusting, chains need tightening and Nate’s bike needs new hand grips. I know how to do all of this, but I don’t have the time, the tools or the desire. I used to bike a fair amount and I even subscribed to a bicycle magazine. With the advent of children that has all changed.

As we were going into the store Rebecca stated she wanted a “pretty one.” I reminded her that we were just there to drop off her brothers’ bikes. As I talked to the staff Max and Rebecca wandered among the bikes. Then she saw it. At 3 ½ Rebecca has already found the bike of her dreams. It’s purple with flowers on the frame and the seat. The bike comes with streamers on the handle bars, training wheels and a pretty white basket. It is the right size and a Fuji. A nice solid bike that can handle pretty much anything a kid can dish out. I know this because my brother had a Fuji and it survived him (a guy who has broken numerous high end bike forks). The price was even reasonable. Rebecca was all over it like a cat on tuna fish. She even climbed up and started to pedal. I had to peel her off the bike. She wanted that bike.

Hmmm, maybe this is the inspiration she needs for potty training. It could even be combined with her birthday. I dread potty training her. She does not care. She is perfectly happy waddling about in a full diaper. Just recently we have gotten her to start pooping regularly. Max is a much easier child to deal with.

Well, we will see. At some point we will be getting them bikes. I need to discuss this with my husband.

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