Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Artist of the Week III

This week’s artist is Rebecca.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

She made this last April. It is her first recognizable figure picture. She was using her travel Magna Doodle, which means it was a temporary art form. Fortunately she made it just before we got home so I was able to preserve her work with a camera. As you can tell she was very pleased with her effort.

Magna Doodles are a wonderful improvement on the venerable Etch-a-sketch. It is composed of a tablet with iron fillings trapped inside and a magnetic wand/pen that you can use to draw on the tablet. If you click here you get a full run down on how they work. It is a wonderful car toy. The pen is attached to the tablet with a short string so the pen can never be lost. A very good toy to have on a long car trip.

Rebecca said it was “Pretty birdie.”

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