Friday, December 09, 2005

The Proof is in the Pudding

Or in this case the filling.

Last week I was over at Gone South and I noticed a recipe that Janis posted for chocolate meringue pie.

I’m always up for new adventures in dessert and I liked how this one read. I asked for a bit of clarification on how to make the crust and I was ready to go. Life, however, has a way of happening that disrupts plans. So it wasn’t until last night that I got to make the pie and here it is:

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

This morning Larry and I got to taste some of the extra filling that I put in a small bowl. The chocolate had a lovely orange infused flavor. I can’t wait for tonight when we get to eat the actual pie.

Larry noticed the recipe on the counter and asked if I did the “yada, yada” part. I said “Yes, at that point I wandered around the kitchen.” I think that is my favorite part of the recipe, that and licking the bowl. I’ll post a taste evaluation report after dinner.

Of the four people who actually ate the pie, three loved it. Larry, Max and I thought it was delicious. Jake liked the meringue part, but not the chocolate filling.

I will definitely make this again. I might fool around with the flavorings next time. Maybe coffee instead of orange or possibly raspberry... the possibilities are endless.

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