Monday, December 12, 2005

Spam poetry

While perusing my spam-mail I decided that the best way to present them was in the form of poetry.

Each line is a complete subject line and they are in the same order that they appeared in my inbox/bulk mail folder. The only punctuation I added was the period at the end. The authors that I attribute this to are my two favorite spam names.

Dynamic cleavage holography
burch see scm see springe oneagan some citric

Princess in bouquet but manumitted the
calculate it's linemen be conferee but
grimaldi and prayer some colby not
rhodolite and laredo it snark be
idol and dessicate !

Now wang you bratwurst
errant may astigmat a manatee on
Judicial Judgements-Support of Children-Investigator
donga rhombus
As listen my enclosure
Dear Friend.

By Jesus Bacon and Festus Yakubu

So what kind of spam poetry can you do?

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