Saturday, December 17, 2005

Wake Up Call

Thursday had an interesting start.

Both Larry and I forgot to set the alarm clock. Usually this wouldn’t be too big a problem, I normally wake up around seven and this is early enough to get the troops up, dressed, fed, give Max his thumpies (chest PTs) and still make the school bus at 8:40am.

But this time I didn’t wake up at 7 and the alarm did not go off. Instead, I awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. My first thought was who on Earth would be calling at this hour (I thought it was about 7:00am, the sky was overcast and it was snowing) then I switched over to “Oh no something is wrong with Mom!” I grabbed the phone and was about to answer when I noticed on the caller ID that the caller was one of Jake’s classmates.

Why on earth is he calling?

J wanted to speak with Jake. Ooooh kaaaay. I dug up Jake and handed him the phone. At that point I noticed the time. Ack! It’s 8:05 and we are all still in our pjs !

I flew upstairs and told Nate to get dressed and got Max up. Jake then called me over. It turns out the J had forgotten his spelling words and panicked that maybe the spelling test would be today and not Thursday since the fourth grade Chimers would be performing for the school superintendent on Friday. (As a side note Jake would never panic over something like this, he honestly would not care.) I dug up the list and handed it to Jake. After a few words he called me back. He had just awoken and he said his voice was not ready to read off all the words. So I took over and, thankfully, J’s mom took over the transcribing on their end. I then calmly read off the list of 25 words to J’s mom while my mind was screaming “AHHHHHH! MUST GET DRESSED! MUST GET KIDS TO SCHOOL! AHHHHH!” Meanwhile Larry dressed Max and Rebecca, brought them downstairs and started Max’s nebulization. Once off the phone I slapped together pb and j sandwiches for Jake and Nate’s breakfast (boy was I grateful that they have been on a sandwich for breakfast kick) and then rushed upstairs to throw on some clothes. All the while I was amazed that school was starting on time with the snow falling (I doubled checked on the computer while reading off the words) I got another lucky break that the hot lunch that day was something they both like. At 8:35 I hustled the boys out the door to the bus stop. Amazingly we were on time.

I then turned towards home. I still needed to feed myself, take a shower and deal with Max and Rebecca. As an added bonus they had a check-up at 10:30 and we had to be out of the house by 9:50 in order to make it on time.

Larry (and I just want to say here is a fabulous guy) had already started Max’s thumpies, I relieved him so that he could shower and get to work.

In the end we all got dressed and made it to our respective destinations.

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